What ingredients are included in CoCoMe yoghurt and custards?

At CoCoMe, we only use five pure and natural plant-based ingredients in our yoghurts and custards including:

  1. 100% Coconut Milk
  2. Rice Flour
  3. Citrus Pectin
  4. Maple Syrup
  5. Non-dairy Cultures

For a truly indulgent experience, we combine other natural plant-based ingredients to our flavoured yoghurts and custards including spices, fruit to sweeten things up and dark chocolate.

To find out more about the ingredients we use, plus nutritional information visit our shop to see each individual yoghurt or custard flavour.

I have never tried coconut yoghurt before, what can I expect from CoCoMe?

CoCoMe’s founder Sharon, scientifically formulated CoCoMe and worked tirelessly – it became a three-month obsession – to determine just the right combination of ingredients that make CoCoMe renowned for its rich flavour and creamy consistency.

With every single batch of CoCoMe coconut yoghurts and custards being deliberately hand poured and pot set, plus eight hours of fermenting ensures our yoghurts and custards are filled ‘good’ bacteria, live cultures and probiotics to aid digestive health.

We also have an array of flavours to suit ‘every body’, plus you can expect our yoghurts and custards are full vitamins, minerals, good fats and are also low GI. You also won’t find any preservatives or hidden nasties in any of our products.

I have heard eating coconut yoghurt has many health benefits – what are they?

Our coconut yoghurt is made by adding non-dairy cultures to coconut milk to ferment some of its carbohydrates, producing acid which is responsible for our yoghurt’s creamy consistency and tangy taste.

There are many health benefits to eating coconut yoghurt, including:

Probiotics help balance microflora in the gut, controlling bad bacteria and can assist in reducing the severity and symptoms associated with IBS, gas, diarrhoea and some yeast infections.

Saturated Fats
One average serving contains 4.5g of the only saturated fats that are essential for health.

One 170g serving of unsweetened coconut yoghurt provides about 6g of fibre.

Calcium and Magnesium
An average serving contains 25% to 30% of the recommended daily intake of calcium and magnesium. Calcium is essential for bone health and magnesium is essential for muscle health.

Vitamins and Minerals
One 170g serving provides 25% to 30% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin B12 which is essential for red blood cell production and 25% to 30% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin D.

Sugar and Sodium
Unsweetened coconut yoghurt contains no refined sugars and very little sodium.

Coconut yoghurt is a great source of antioxidants.

Plant-based food
If you consume a vegan or paleo diet, are lactose intolerant or follow a low FODMAP diet, coconut yoghurt can be a great alternative to dairy products.

Is coconut yoghurt better for you than dairy?

Coconut yoghurt is an alternative to consuming dairy and is a wonderful addition to ‘every body’s’ diet especially people who are lactose intolerant, have medical reasons to avoid dairy products or for others who choose to follow a plant-based diet and lifestyle.

Our coconut yoghurts and custards offer another way of incorporating live cultures and probiotics into your diet, which are necessary for a healthy gut microbiome.

Does CoCoMe contain gluten?

You can feel assured that all of CoCoMe products are gluten free and are made in a gluten free environment.

Is your yoghurt FODMAP friendly?

CoCoMe coconut yoghurt and custards are FODMAP friendly. All of our ingredients are plant-based, including the live cultures that are specifically derived and grown on a non-dairy culture base.

Are your yoghurts and custards vegan friendly?

Yes! All of our yoghurts and custards are 100% vegan friendly. We only use natural, plant-based ingredients including the live cultures that are specifically derived and grown on a non-dairy culture base.

I have diabetes, are your products safe for me to eat?

All of the sugars we use at CoCoMe are naturally derived, we don’t add refined sugars – in fact we’re sweet enough!

We do recommend that if you have diabetes, both Type 1 and Type 2, that you eat our yoghurt in moderation. For people with diabetes or any medically controlled diet, when introducing a new food, introduce it gradually in small amounts. If you have any adverse reactions it can be monitored and controlled.

I would love for my children to try your yoghurt, but is it safe for children under the age of five?

CoCoMe coconut yoghurt is safe to give children under the age of five, as we do not add any refined sugars, additives or preservatives.

The gut of many young babies are not yet mature enough to digest the lactose in dairy based yoghurts. Coconut yoghurt does not contain lactose and is easier for their gut to digest. Plus, it also provides them with the necessary cultures and probiotics to ensure a healthy gut microbiome, especially when weaning from breast feeding or when introducing solid food into their diet.

Where can I find CoCoMe coconut yoghurts and custards – I have checked my local shops but can’t find it?

CoCoMe coconut yoghurts and custards are available at a select number of speciality stores throughout the Perth metropolitan area. If you would like to see our products stocked at your favourite shop, please ask them to contact us, or let us know by using our Contact Us form and we’ll contact them.

How do I become a stockist?

If you would like to partner with us and stock our products, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact our founder, Sharon via email sharon@cocome.com.au or call 0418 906 308.