Our Story

Everyone has a backstory, but trying to explain how I went from medical imaging to making coconut yoghurt, always makes people wonder…

CoCoMe started as – H’n’H Life. Happy, Natural Healthy Life. In 2011, whilst working as a sonographer (one of those people who do ultrasounds, not the typist in the courts) a patient fell onto my arm when he was having a cardiac arrest after supporting 90kg on my left shoulder and arm, all the nerves down my left upper body were stretched. This accident left all of my nerves in my left shoulder and arm permanently damaged with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and resulted in PTSD from the traumatic experience of not being able to save someone’s life.

After exhausting all avenues to elevate both my physical and mental pain, I started to understand how what I ate impacted on my physical and mental health. As I started to eliminate all the foods that triggered my physical pain state and my headspace, my quality of life greatly improved. Soon my clean eating became my new lifestyle. The processed, preservative and additive packed foods have become the “norm” in society today was toxic to my overall wellbeing and made both my emotional and physical pain unbearable. Eating “healthy” food came at a high cost which was not financially sustainable for a family of four, so I started to experiment and make a lot of our own foods like granola, nut milks, kombucha and of course coconut yoghurt.

So with my medical knowledge and research brain I started to understand that we truly are what we eat. The microbiome (the gut bacteria) is the key to overall health, the gut is our second brain. We truly are what we eat! After losing my life as I knew it, my not being able to return to medical imaging due to both my permanent nerve pain and PTSD I was lost and in a very dark space several years.

Then after sharing my granola and coconut yoghurt with friends and family, I came up with a bright idea… Why don’t I start my own little adventure and share my healthy breakfast products with others. After a few markets, some private customers and I found that I enjoyed sharing my knowledge and products with others. H’n’H Life was invited to the Royal Perth Show to exhibit in 2018, where they were showcasing small local businesses. After 3 days the clear winner of all the products that I made was the coconut yoghurt.

From there we went from three stockists to 15, with a few cafes also joining the HnH Life tribe. That was just over a year ago, my new passion and purpose re-ignited my zest for life, something I hadn’t felt for years. From my own personal journey and understanding the importance of eating a clean high plant based diet, I realised that there were so many people that don’t understand how the food we eat impacts your overall well-being. To share my experiences & knowledge with others has become My passion became my purpose… That purpose has given me the opportunity to help so many other people who need or want to lead a happier and healthier life.

My story may be a powerful and emotional one but it’s what lead me to create a product that not only changed my life, but is also able to change yours. All I ask is that from telling my story, hopefully I can INSPIRE you to live healthier, happier life. Turning a painful chapter in my life into a clean healthy coconut yoghurt, to me means that I found a new way to make a difference in others lives by sharing a part of me.

Thank you for supporting my dream.

Sharon XoX